Ubuntu Network Print Server Setup for Windows Home 7

Published: 25th February 2011
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In this tutorial I'm going to show you the right way to install a Linux computer to act as a print server on your lan. It will allow for all your other devices in your own home to have the ability to share one printer. I'll then present you tips on how to tutorial your Windows Ultimate 7 pc to be able print to your new Ubuntu print server. You can too use this setup if you're using Windows XP and Home windows Vista with minor modifications.

So lets get this began, the very first thing it's essential do after you may have Linux set up is set a static ip. Now you donít should set a static ip address, but it can make it simpler in case you ever wish to access the server remotely. Learn how to set a static ip address on a Linux server. Now that you've got set a static ip on you Ubuntu print server, you will now must tutorial printer sharing. Click on:

* System

* Administation

* Printing

You should now have a window that resembles the picture below that catalog the printer that is currently connected to your Ubuntu desktop. The subsequent factor that you will want to do is right click on the printer that you simply need to share, and then choose properties. Now that the properties window is open you'll then have to choose Policies, which is positioned on the left. Once the Policies settings opens on the fitting, be sure you choose Enabled, Accepting Jobs, and most importantly Shared.

Now that you've your Ubuntu print server tutorial, you will now need to configure the shopper computers that might be sending print jobs to the server. So in your Windows 7 computer go to the management panel, then click on the Hardware and and Sound. Once the Hardware and Sound menu is open, you will then need to click on on "add a printer" which is located under Devices and Printers.

Now that you have the Add Printer possibility open, you will then have to click on on Add a network, wireless or Bluetooth printer. Windows 7 will now begin looking for available printers on the network. This may work if you are trying to share a printer from another home windows primarily based pc, however since you're utilizing linux as your printer server you will have to input this manually. So what you want to do is click on the printer that I need isnít listed link. A new window should open up permitting you to browse for a printer, choose a shared printer by name, or enter a TCP/IP tackle for the printer location. You will want to depart this window open for now as a result of you will want to configure it somewhat later on.

You now need to search out the exact address of the place your printer is positioned, this is the reason setting a static ip address in your Ubuntu server is essential and can make your job easier. So open your favorite internet web browser and type within the ip of your print server followed by the port handle of 631. So within the browser the url ought to look something like this ubuntu-server-ip:631. Since my ip is, I'd sort within the browser.

Your web browser ought to now display one thing just like the picture below. Linux uses open source software program called CUPS which is written by Apple and is to be used with Macintosh and Unix operating systems. Once the CUPS software program is open in your web browser, click on the Printers tab situated on the top the of computer screen over on the best facet of the display.

As soon as the Printers monitor is open, select your printer from the catalog. Now that you have selected your printer, look at the url bar in your browser and copy this ip address. Now you'll then need to return to the Add Printer monitor that you left open earlier. select the radio button that says "pick a shared printer by title", and paste the ip address of your printer into the box. Lastly press the subsequent button so you can install the exact driver on your printer. Just go through the driving force list until you discover the correct make and model of your printer and easily install the driver in your Windows 7 client computer. You'll need to configure each Home windows based desktopís in your house in order for you to have the ability to the print the Ubuntu server.

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